Got knots?

This is massage meets manual therapy.

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60 minutes | $90

Myofascial release is the foundation of quality deep tissue bodywork, and it is best done slowly. We'll meticulously unwind the fascial restrictions that may be underpinning your chronic pain or lingering tension in a couple of key areas of your body. I am known for perfect pressure and specificity. We'll really focus here, and be in open communication. Let's find those trigger points.

90 minutes | $120

The extra half hour allows for a more holistic treatment that covers more than a couple of key areas. This is ideal for long term problems, athletic maintenance, or bodies in need of deep repair. Myofascial deep tissue bodywork and trigger point techniques can be an effective approaches for pain relief, posture, strength and flexibility. If you are interested in a more gentle full body massage, please book for Swedish relaxation massage.

120 minutes | $150

Techniques based in trigger point therapy, and myofascial deep tissue bodywork can be very specific in style with a certain quality of intensity. We will tailor the session to exactly how you want the time spent, or I can guide you through what is going to be the most therapeutic.  This is for those who feel they need some extended time for some extra maintenance. If you're riddled with adhesions, or if you just want to relax, I've got your back!

These services are for non-medically necessary treatment (HCPCS code S9986). Please note that the prices above reflect a discount for cash self-pay at time of service. This discount is available to all patients and all insurance companies if paid at time of service.


Got Insurance?

Currently credentialed with Pacific Source, Providence Health Plan, Regence, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.
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If you have a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) or Workers Comp Claim,
we bill directly to your insurance company under your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.


“Janae does not give a generic, assembly line type massage. Her style is not the typical lightweight and superficial cookie-cutter approach, one size fitting all. This is the real thing: custom designed for each client’s specific needs and problem spots, addressing individual tensions and connective tissue restrictions almost at the microscopic level. Her movements are extremely unhurried and result in a slow motion experience administered with a touch that is mysteriously and simultaneously both gentle and firm. Sometimes you read about a therapist that has so called 'magic fingers' with the ability to pinpoint that single knot of pain causing trouble or discomfort. Janae is that therapist."  — Michael