This is not only massage, but intense therapy as well.  They are not exactly the same.

Janae does not give a generic, assembly-line type massage.  Her style is not the typical light-weight and superficial cookie-cutter approach, one size fitting all.  This is the real thing: custom-designed for each client’s specific needs and problem spots, addressing individual tensions and connective-tissue restrictions almost at the microscopic level.  Her movements are extremely unhurried and result in a slow-motion experience administered with a touch that is mysteriously and simultaneously both gentle and firm.  Sometimes you read about a therapist that has so-called “magic fingers,” with the ability to pinpoint that single knot of pain causing trouble or discomfort.  Janae is that therapist.  In addition to the physical aspects, the frosting on the cake is that she delivers her relief with a totally serious and focussed demeanor, which only psychologically enhances the overall effect of deep relaxation, almost like casting an aura over your body.  She is an amazing practitioner and always willing to receive feedback to individualize her treatment as needed.  This is not only massage, but intense therapy as well.  They are not exactly the same.



Janae's magical hands

It has been rare that I have received such a thorough and detailed massage, but anytime Janae's magical hands touch my body, I feel like she is both intuitive and practiced enough to zone in right to my problem areas. I enjoy deep tissue massage and that is what Janae is accomplished in and has most practiced on me. She is strong and steady and flows beautifully in her technique. Her massages feel remarkably relaxing. I recommend her anytime massage comes up with friends and am happy to have connected with such a conscientious, compassionate and thorough healer.



She seemed to know exactly where to go on my body

Janae's technique works out some of the things in one hour that it may take another therapist 4 or 5 massages to accomplish. She is willing to work on your whole body or zone in on targeted areas. I had targeted areas worked on and received deep tissue and myofascial release in those areas... She worked out quite a bit in a short amount of time and seemed to know exactly where to go on my body, asking me questions and responding acutely! I would definitely recommend Janae to anyone looking to really work some things out in addition to the fact that you will likely get more done with her in fewer massages than you would going to someone else because of her natural hand, intuition, and willingness to go deep! Thanks Janae!



She is sensitive and intuitive

Janae really impressed me with her intuitive finding of my stress areas, her sensitivity to read my reaction and feel just how deep to get in there, and her adeptness at a great overall massage that addressed a lot of my bodies stress and left me very much relaxed and feeling so much better after. A great experience I intend on repeating relatively soon!



She makes sure to communicate

This gifted woman is the bomb! she blows every deep tissue/myofascial massage specialist I've ever had out of the water. Not only is she intuitive about your body and your needs but she makes sure to communicate if she is pushing too hard or hitting the tight spots. I got my boyfriend a session with her for his birthday and a few days later he was saying how much more range of motion he has in his tight shoulders. I have been a couple of times and am always looking forward to going back. great music and no fragrance atmosphere is a plus!! Thanks Janae.